Allison Tepper

Name: Allison Tepper

Expertise: Nutrition

Job: Registered Dietitian

Instagram: @allisonteppernutrition

Upcoming Discussions: Gut Check!

How did you get your start in nutrition?

Growing up I always loved food and once it was time to find a career path, it was an easy choice to do something food-related! Pairing that with being able to help people, nutrition was my calling. I love people and working with them to help them reach their goals in ways that feel good, manageable and fun. I hope to bring this to my conversations with clients and the public so that they feel supported and can enjoy their food choices.

What’s something you’d like people to know about nutrition/diet that they probably don’t?

There is quite a bit of misinformation out there about diet and it is always changing. Marketing does an amazing job at selling products that have not been regulated, researched or tested. It is important to do things that feel good to your own unique body by including all food groups and not restricting. While these are things that most people know, many people are easily swayed by marketing and are still trying things that may not necessarily serve them. As we like to say in the field ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!’

Tell us more about Allison Tepper Nutrition Consulting.

After counseling clients for other companies for several years I went out on my own and founded my business in 2016. My passion is helping clients re-learn to love food and feel nourished and energized by their choices. Food can be confusing and my goal is to help people learn the facts and find a plan that works for their individual needs. I counsel clients in my DC and Virginia offices and also do grocery store tours, nutrition presentations and lunch & learns. I also became a Registered Yoga Teacher this summer and now offer yoga and meditation services.


So what exactly is “mindful eating”?  

Mindful eating is paying attention to your foods in the moment, without judgement. So often we rush through meals, eat on the go, choose foods that we ‘should’ be eating, and judge ourselves when we eat something ‘bad’. Mindful eating instead brings us back to our internal cues to guide our food choices - what foods do you like? What are you in the mood for? What will make me feel good? Am I hungry? These questions are a much better guide to what our body wants and needs. Mindful eating also encourages us to pay attention to our foods - what are the tastes, textures, smells of our food? Slowing down and appreciating where our food is coming from enhances enjoyment, satisfaction and connection.


What are three nutrition facts people can use as a conversation starter?

  1. Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as good as fresh ones! When freezing, foods are picked and then immediately frozen, which helps retain nutrients.

  2. Gut issues can also be impacted by stress and hormones. Often times looking at your lifestyle is important if you are noticing gastrointestinal issues. Take a look at stress, sleep, water intake and exercise in addition to foods that might be causing triggers.

  3. Carbohydrates are good for you!!

A random fact I love is ...

Eating too many carrots can turn your hands orange

House on the beach or log cabin in the woods?

House on the beach!

3 songs you can’t stop listening to ...

  1. 1950 by King Princess

  2. Delicate by Taylor Swift

  3. Without Me by Halsey