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Gut Check!
11:30 AM11:30

Gut Check!

We get it. You love food. But if you're anything like us, food doesn't always love you back.

Join us for yoga practice and a live Q&A with Washington-based dietitian, Allison Tepper. We will dig in to what fuels our bodies and what holds us back from feeling like our best selves. Allison will answer all your gut related questions (so come prepared!) and share health tips based on the science of food.

11:15 AM - Doors

11:30 AM - 30-min yoga practice

12:00 PM - Discussion



Included with your ticket: drinks, snacks, perks*, and great conversation

*generalist attendees will receive a discount on their first 1-on-1 session with Allison!

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Myth Busting the Beauty Industry
6:30 PM18:30

Myth Busting the Beauty Industry

Did you know …

  • Your natural body lotion probably isn’t natural?

  • High- end cosmetics aren’t necessarily better for you?

  • That the United States is one of the most unregulated countries when it comes to the beauty industry?

Don’t worry, we didn’t either.

Ivanna Yang, Senior Manager of Advocacy for clean cosmetics brand, Beautycounter, will help us myth bust common misconceptions of American beauty.

We’ll cover everything from why organic doesn’t mean safer to better understanding the ingredients in your favorite products.

Doors & drinks at 6:30 PM / Discussion starts at 7:00 PM



Included with your ticket: drinks, snacks, swag*, and great conversation

* including sample products from Beautycounter

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