bringing experts & curious individuals together.

jen(ə)rələst/(n): a person competent in several different fields or activities

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What is generalist?

generalist is an educational experience, bringing subject matter experts and curious individuals together for judgment free and intimate conversations on the things we want to know more about.

Knowledge isn't unattainable, but we get that at times it can feel "unretainable".


It's those questions we all have and no matter how many times we read an article, listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube video (so on and so forth) we just can't seem to retain the information.

  • How do I properly pair wine with food?

  • Can someone please teach me how the stock market works?

  • Why is there so much conflict in the Middle East?

That's because, believe it or not, human interaction is incredibly important to the learning process.  Hence why here at generalist we take a "you owe it to yourself" stance on learning.  We believe in taking the time we need to fully understand the big issues of the day while also prioritizing the small things.

The goal.

To reward the curious mind with meaningful information.  We want to create a community of well-rounded individuals who know a little bit, about a lot.

generalist sessions are ...

  • Comfortable. Think couches and rooftops. Our biggest fear is chairs lined up in rows.

  • Intimate. You will be one of a limited number of attendees per series.

  • Fun. We want you to love this. Ask questions, share experiences, be yourself!